Answering Surveys For Opinion Square

First off, Opinion Square is another survey site offering points instead of cash. If you are absolutely opposed to this, you may not want to sign up since this is all they offer (in addition to sweepstakes entries). That said, I have actually seen some positive reviews online of Opinion Square. There are some people who like the rewards they can redeem for since apparently one thing you can get are Amazon codes, and we all know these are popular. So here is some more information on Opinion Square.

How much can you earn per survey?

The number of points you’ll get per survey varies. Typically the longer surveys will pay more points than the shorter ones.

How many surveys  do you get per month?

Opinion Square says to expect anywhere from three to four surveys per month from them.

Do you have to download their application?

Opinion Square does have a software application that they recommend you download. However, you do NOT have to do this! And I totally understand if you don’t want to because I wouldn’t do it either. I don’t like the idea of my web surfing habits being tracked and I avoid that, even if it does mean I’d get more survey invitations by installing it. However, it’s up to you.

Who can sign up?

Opinion Square is open worldwide, but the majority of surveys are for people in the US and Canada. They say in their FAQ that if you are from another country, there may be additional incentives you can receive for the surveys they do send you.

Is it free to sign up?

Yes, it’s totally free to sign up. A good rule of thumb is to never pay to sign up with any survey company! If you’re being asked to do that, you’re being ripped off and it’s not a real survey company. That’s pretty much always a scam when that happens.

What’s the overall feedback on Opinion Square?

I tried to take a look at their rewards catalog online, but since I’m not a member if won’t show me all of it. However, I have read that they do offer gift cards and Amazon codes. In general, most people seem to be OK with this site apart from the fact that they don’t pay in cash. If you are trying to earn as much in rewards and cash as you can by taking surveys online, it might not be a bad one to check out. If you’re disappointed in how it turns out after signing up, you can always cancel your membership and ask them to quit sending you survey invitations by going into your account and clicking on the “Modify or Remove Services” button, which will take you to some options where you can opt out of receiving survey invites again.

Want to sign up for Opinion Square? Visit this link. If the link takes you to a page about supported browsers (as it did me) just go from there to “Home”  at the top and then “Sign Up”

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