Get Paid for Being Social at ChatAbout


ChatAbout is a website you can register with to get paid for basically being social! I have personally used this site and been paid. You can earn points for all kinds of things, and it goes a lot further than the way your typical GPT site works. At ChatAbout, you can earn points for: (taken […]

Get Paid for Pinning With Viraliti!

get paid to use pinterest

I’m so excited that there have been new opportunities appearing to get paid for pinning on Pinterest! I recently posted about a site called Pinbooster that lets you get paid to pin, and now there is another one! This one is called Viraliti. Viraliti is currently in the beginning stages so you won’t be able […]

Earn Extra Cash on MyLikes

Earn Extra Cash With MyLikes

MyLikes is a way you can earn a little extra money not only through Twitter, but also through Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube. This site has been around for a while, but they have recently changed the way things are set up. I am personally liking the new set up a little more than the way […]