Get Paid for Being Social at ChatAbout

Review of ChatAbout where you can earn for your comments

ChatAbout is a website you can register with to get paid for basically being social! I have personally used this site and been paid. You can earn points for all kinds of things, and it goes a lot further than the way your typical GPT site works. At ChatAbout, you can earn points for: (taken from the ChatAbout website) Site Comments¬†- 1 point Write a review¬†- 5 points Write an […]

Earn Cash For Sharing Links With redKonnect

earn cash for sharing links with redkonnect

If you enjoy getting paid to share links, then you’ll probably enjoy using redKonnect. It’s a site I discovered recently that will pay you cash for sharing their various campaigns across your social networks, very much like Share Magnet. What are campaigns? These are basically advertisements, but redKonnect has some pretty interesting ones across a lot of different categories which include movie, music, tech, and fashion. So for example you […]

Get Paid for Pinning With Viraliti!

get paid to use pinterest

I’m so excited that there have been new opportunities appearing to get paid for pinning on Pinterest! I recently posted about a site called Pinbooster that lets you get paid to pin, and now there is another one! This one is called Viraliti. Viraliti is currently in the beginning stages so you won’t be able to get immediate access, but you can give them your email and they will contact […]

Paid Social Networking at Peeps Pay


Here’s another site that pays you for socializing! Get paid for having friends and being social online! is a multilevel, social networking reward site. “What??” You may ask. It’s like Facebook meets Swagbucks/Inbox Pays. It has all the elements of Facebook and elements of a powerful “get paid to” reward site with multi-level functions. Join today and get a Free $5 Sign up Bonus! These sites are great if […]

Earn Extra Cash on MyLikes

Earn Extra Cash With MyLikes

MyLikes is a way you can earn a little extra money not only through Twitter, but also through Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube. This site has been around for a while, but they have recently changed the way things are set up. I am personally liking the new set up a little more than the way it was in the past, which I always had problems with because it was sort […]

Sponsored Tweets Review

Here's how you can get paid to tweet on Twitter using Sponsored Tweets. I have used this site and been paid.

I’ve decided to do a Sponsored Tweets review because this is one of my favorite online activities for a little extra cash. If you have a Twitter account with almost no followers, then bothering with this might be a waste of time. However, I would say that if you have at least 50 followers, you should sign up. Here’s how it works: 1. Sign up and create a Sponsored Tweets […]