Get Free Products to Test Through BzzAgent!

Testing products for Bzz Agent

BzzAgent is a product testing panel that I’ve been part of in the past. It’s a very solid company with lots of great campaigns you can participate in. They have been around since 2001 and have overall fantastic feedback from users. BzzAgent is currently open to people in the US, UK, and Canada. Does BzzAgent […]

Seven Awesome Product Testing Panels to Join

product testing panels to join - from

If you’re like me, you love getting free products to test out and keep. I generally don’t even care if I do not receive payment for product testing, and this is a good thing because most of these panels don’t pay you for the things you test and keep. You are supposed to just consider […]

Product Tests for The Pink Panel

the pink panel

We’ve been talking a lot about various product testing panels lately. The Pink Panel is yet another one that I wanted to write about. They have a very large presence on Facebook and that is where I actually learned about them. What kinds of products do you test for The Pink Panel? This is mostly […]

Product Testing for Influenster

product testing for influenster

Yet another product testing panel has appeared on my radar. This one is called Influenster and I’m really excited to give it a try myself. Right now no one can just visit the site to sign up. You’ll have to request an invite. I requested an invite and got an email in about a week […]

Product Testing for Smiley360

product testing for smiley360

I’ve been a member at Smiley360 since close to the time they launched. This is a company you can sign up with and potentially get in on lots of product tests from major brands. I can say from personal experience that, if you are into product testing, Smiley is a good company to be registered […]

Test Out Products With Swaggable


Swaggable is a new product testing site I just joined. It looks very promising so far! The company has gotten some good buzz from places like Mashable, Forbes, and also the Huffington Post. I personally have not gotten invited to try anything yet, but hopefully I will soon. It’s important to note that this site […]

9 Places to Sign Up For Product Testing

10 Places to Sign Up For Product Testing

You  may not always get paid for product testing, but you will get a free product to keep and try. I’ve done my fair share of product testing and gotten a lot of free goodies as a result. I’ve received everything from shampoo, K-cups, garbage bags, an electronic toothbrush, and makeup. In most cases, the […]