How to Get Checks & Paypal Cash From Ebates

Are you a coupon shopper? Do you enjoy getting cash back and rebates when shopping? Then signing up on Ebates may be a nice, moneymaking side egg for you.  That or else a really good excuse to shop! What Exactly is Ebates?  Founded in 1998 in the Silicon Valley by two district attorneys, who actually […]

The Receipt Hog App Pays You to Shop!


I’ve been on a kick lately finding apps like Ibotta, my all-time favorite app that pays you for grocery shopping. Another to add to that list is Receipt Hog. It works in much the same way, and it is getting good reviews. Currently Receipt Hog is only available only for the iPhone, but Android is coming […]

Seven Ways to Get Paid to Save Money

saving star

What could be better than making money while you’re also saving it? I’ve been coming across different ways lately that you can do just that, and it’s very exciting! Allow me to introduce you to the top four. Also, I’d love your input if you know of some more I could check out: Saving Star […]

Get Paid to Find Coupon Codes

get paid to find coupons

If you’re an avid deal hunter, then you probably use coupon codes religiously when you can find them. I know that I don’t even like to make a purchase of any kind online without first checking for what coupon codes are out there to use against the total price. But wouldn’t it be great if […]