FreeMyApps Rewards You For Trying New Apps

Read the review of Free My Apps -- actually get rewarded for trying out apps on your phone!

Do you like trying out games and apps on your cell phone? Do you like being rewarded with free gift cards? Then downloading FreeMyApps may be an easy way for you to have fun and win gift cards from major companies. What Exactly is the FreeMyApps app? The FreeMyApps is an app that you can download to your […]

Get Paid For Surveys On Your Smartphone

Do you like taking paid surveys? Here is a list of several smarpthone survey apps!

If you enjoy paid surveys, you might also enjoy taking them on your smartphone. This is a great way to make a little extra cash while you’re waiting around or just bored. There are several different survey apps you can download to your phone, and today I’ve made a list of them for you along […]

Why You Should Download the Swagbucks TV App

Why You Should Download the Swagbucks TV App

In case you weren’t aware, Swagbucks has a terrific little TV app you can download in addition to using Swagbucks on the web. This app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apple devices as well as Android devices like Kindle, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and more. How the App Works You may already know […]

How Can You Earn With the FeaturePoints App?

How to Earn With the FeaturePoints App

FeaturePoints is an app I found out about that you can download for either iPhone or Android that lets you earn rewards for trying out apps. This seems like pretty much a win-win because most of us try out apps occasionally anyway, for no reward. Here is some more about how FeaturePoints works. How to […]

Get Paid For Your Photos With Foap

sell your pictures with Foap

Do you have an iPhone or Android smartphone? If so, it’s likely that you take pictures with them pretty often. There is an app you can download called Foap where you can upload the photos you take and actually sell them. There are lots of companies out there that want good, original pictures for various […]

Earn Money With These Task Based Apps

Did you know that you can download some apps to your phone that will let you earn substantial extra money just by doing little odd jobs and answering surveys, etc.? I have reviewed one of these on this blog — Field Agent. But lucky for you there are a few others out there that are […]

Get Paid for Price Comparison With the Smoopa App

smoopa app

The Smoopa app is a different kind of shopping app that actually pays you for doing price comparison while you are out shopping. I am really loving these apps that pay you back for the things you buy. I’ve done some reading up on how Smoopa works, so here goes: How Smoopa Works Download the […]

How Does the Calyp App Work?

how does the calyp app work

There is a new app I just learned about called Calyp. This app is pretty cool because you can use it to get paid for sharing various brands and products with your friends and followers across your social media networks. This app has been around since 2012 and I’m reading lots of reports online from […]

Share Your Location & Earn With the Placed Panel App


The Placed Panel app lets you earn a little extra without really doing anything at all! To redeem, the only thing you need to do is install the app and let it track your location. Carrying your smartphone around with the Placed app installed means you can earn extra through almost no effort on your […]