Does Inbox Dollars REALLY pay?


A lot of people wonder if Inbox Dollars will really pay before they take them time to register. And I don’t blame them — it’s a good idea to research stuff like this before you sign up for anything, after all. I have been a member of Inbox Dollars for a few years now, and even though I don’t use this site daily, I’ve managed to earn a little extra money for doing super easy stuff online!

But to answer the question, yes, this site pays and they have been for a very long time. There’s a good reason why they are one of the most popular GPT sites on the internet right now — right up there with Swagbucks.

Benefits of Joining Inbox Dollars

  • They pay in CASH — no redeemable points. You can see your money add up in dollars and in cents. 
  • Tons of ways to earn money. You can log in on any given day and rack up some pretty easy money when you’re bored online.
  • They start you out with $5 just for signing up.
  • You get paid with a mailed check. Some people consider this a benefit because they don’t have Paypal and don’t want to sign up for it.
  • You can get paid every week once you reach Gold level.
  • Inbox Dollars is open worldwide.
  • No limit on the referrals you can have!

Negatives of Inbox Dollars

Everything has some downsides ….

  • The cash out threshold is on the high-side at $30. However some people can reach this within a month or less depending on how often they use the site and how many friends they can refer. 
  • Some of the offers require a credit card to complete. But honestly this is not any different than any other GPT site,  including Swagbucks, and you don’t HAVE to do them. There are also plenty of free offers, so I would suggest just sticking with those. Your money will still build up quickly if you do them often.
  • You won’t qualify for all the surveys you attempt. This is a huge pain — but again it’s typical with these kinds of sites and also most survey sites.

Filling Out Offers

Just some quick tips on the offers … if you want to build up money fast on Inbox Dollars, the offers are a good way to do that. As stated above, you don’t have to do the ones that require a credit card. Just do the free ones that don’t cost you anything. I would recommend signing up for Inbox Dollars with an alternate email that you only use occasionally. You’ll get lots of emails from the offers and things you fill out, so just make another email account at Yahoo! or Gmail (you can have more than one at these sites) and use it for filling out offers.

Are you ready to sign up?

If you are already using GPT sites for extra cash, Inbox Dollars would be a good choice to add to the list of sites you use. Go here to get started.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. However, this does not influence any of my reviews, which are always honest. Please read my disclosure for more information.


  1. clauemi says

    I think Inboxdollars was one of the very first if not the first site I signed up for trying to make extra money. Can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years but I still use it. I at least click on the paid emails they send and log in every once in a while to check for new offers. It’s nice to get a check for 30 something dollars every once in a while.

  2. says

    Inboxdollars has been a fairly good program for me for several years. I have always been paid and have no complaints. You can reach cash out threshold in good time if you do even just the easy offers on their site.

  3. Diane says

    I have never received a penny from them. Wanted to see if it worked and so I gave them my email and signed up because they promise $5.00. I then gave completed survey’s that I was promised to make .50 with. The only thing I received was a inbox full of spam (gmail filtered it out) and no way to unsubscribe. I don’t have time for this type of scam that makes somebody else rich and doesn’t pay me for my time.

    • Anna says

      It’s not a scam. I know many, many people who have been paid. Did you reach the required $30 in your account to request cash out? They won’t pay you anything, even the $5 they give for signing up, until you’ve reached the minimum amount to request a payment. Once you get to $30, you can request your payment and from what I understand they do send it.

  4. says

    What are the requirements to get the card?
    I have been paid by check already from inboxdollars. One very important key for surveys is to be honest & thereby consistent with your pre qualifying answers. After about a month surveys that fit you will come more regularly.
    First thing, create an email account just for inbox.

  5. Jon says

    I’m starting to wonder if it is a scam or not, I reached the 30$ and requested payment. It has been 3 weeks and I have not received any money. Right now I have another $24 on my account but I’m skittish about doing anymore surveys until I get a check. I try to be patient but I’m getting very angry cuz I’m a disabled veteran and need various medicines and I’m starting to think that I got played.. any tips as to what I should do or how to contact them??

    • Anna says

      Have you emailed them to check on the status of your payment? I know the first payment comes via mailed check and I think it can take a while. Supposedly your subsequent checks will be processed faster. I would email them if I were you and see if they can tell you if it’s been mailed yet.

      • maeid says

        If you dont mind, tell me the names of offres who did payed you in inboxdollars without letting me use an effort to find them, please!

  6. Jon says

    Yeah I used their live chat last night and they looked into it and said that it was mailed out on the 8th of October and it could take up to a month to get it since I requested payment by visa debit card which I think is bogus considering that the site says 7 – 10 days. So I’m trying to be patient but that is kinda hard to do when I absolutely need the money asap. They said that if I don’t get it within 30 days then contact them again and they will send it out again, and they did say the second check would be quicker. But even still the info they have posted on the site differs from what their representatives say, they really need to edit that because I feel like they are giving false info on the site. It appears to me that they expect ppl to work for them and then get them frustrated to the point where they will quit so they can say that you are inactive and void payment.

  7. Jon says

    Well I just thought I’d share an update with y’all, I did finally get my first check and just ordered the second one and it is going to be processed within 3 days so the second check is indeed quite faster. I’ve also started doing Slicethepie and have it close to a payout(:

  8. Melissa Duncan says

    The one thing I hate about inboxdollars is on surveys they say all races are needed but when I mentioned I’m white it says I don’t qualify. It happens every time

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