Does Swagbucks Work? It Does For Me!

Earn rewards online at Swagbucks for doing things you already do!Swagbucks is a search and win site that, if you’re not already involved, you should get that way as fast as you can! I’m glad that Swagbucks is the first thing I’ve chosen to post about on this website because it’s definitely one of the best ways out there to profit for doing next to nothing. You can participate as much or as little as you want, but even with little participation you can still likely cash out your Swagbucks for something at least once per month.

Swagbucks is currently open to the US, UK, AU, CA, and IE.

How It Works and What You Get

Once you’ve signed up with Swagbucks, you can do all sorts of different things on their site to earn “Swagbucks,” which are redeemable for various rewards.

The most popular item that people tend to redeem for is the $5 Amazon code. This is probably because it only takes 450 Swagbucks to get it, and getting yourself up to 450 Swagbucks isn’t at all hard to do. But if Amazon isn’t your thing, you can also cash out for money in your Paypal account and lots of other merchandise and gift cards to different retailers. You can also donate your Swagbucks to charitable causes or enter them in Swagstakes (sweepstakes) for some high-dollar stuff. I like to save my Amazon codes up and use them at Christmas — it definitely helps out with the shopping because we order a lot from Amazon.

Even though there are a ton of options for redemption, your $5 Amazon code is the best value on this particular rewards site. You may be tempted to hold out for actual Paypal cash, but you have to have more Swagbucks to get that (2,500 bucks for $25 to Paypal — that’s the minimum.)

How Long It Takes to Get Redemptions

This is the only area where Swagbucks is lacking compared with a few other rewards sites. It can take 2-3 weeks for your redemptions to be sent to you once you request them. I’m not sure why this process isn’t a little faster since Swagbucks is so major. Other sites, like Quick Rewards and InstaGC for example, can process payouts daily.

Ways to Earn Swagbucks

  • Searching the Web
  • Filling Out Offers
  • Answering the Daily Poll
  • Following Offer Paths
  • Taking Surveys
  • Completing Short Tasks
  • Watching Swagbucks TV
  • Downloading & Redeeming Coupons
  • Playing Games
  • Shopping (Daily Deals)
  • Trading In Games, Consoles, Books, Cell Phones, & MP3 Players
  • Putting in Swagbucks Codes
  • Downloading and Using the Swagbucks Toolbar
  • Referring Friends
  • NOSO offer path
  • Swagbucks app for Apple/Android

How to Make Swagbucks Work Well For You

There are a lot of people who are extremely active with Swagbucks and are able to cash out for things multiple times per month. I personally know someone who was able to cash out five to six times per month on average, but she did have a lot of friend referrals.

If you really want to do well here, I suggest using Swagbucks as your primary search engine. If you’re on the web a lot, this will give you the opportunity to win multiple times per day.

You can also make Swagbucks part of your daily routine. When you have time, answer the daily poll (it just takes a second), play a game, look through the coupons to see if there are any you could use, fill out a few offers, make sure you have the app installed on your phone and use it.

If you do all these things daily or even every other day, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the Swagbucks add up! I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, and I really enjoy cashing out for the $5 Amazon code to use against our purchases.

Swagbucks Referral Program

One of the best things about Swagbucks is the Facebook integration. You can set it up so that you log in to Swagbucks through Facebook, and after you do that, it will show up on your Facebook feed every time you win Swagbucks. I’ve gotten lots of referrals this way because people see the postings and get curious, click, and then sign up.

You will earn 100 percent of the Swagbucks your referrals earn up until they reach 1000 Swagbucks, and then it cuts off. I really wish there was no cap on the earnings, but I guess that’s all the more reason to continue to seek out active referrals.

You can also get referrals by posting Swagbucks banners on any website or blog you might have as well as inviting your friends manually through email, Facebook, and any other social networking sites you’re involved with. If you do have a blog, make sure you write about Swagbucks and let people know how you’re doing with it. People are a lot more likely to sign up for something after reading first-hand experience.

My Swagbucks Payment Proof

When I get paid, I like to share payment proof to show something is real. I have received many, many Amazon codes from Swagbucks since I’ve been a member. Here is an example:

swagbucks payment proof


Is Swagbucks Worth Your Time?

Honestly — it really is, especially considering that it takes so little time to participate overall. If you try it and aren’t impressed, you can always just stop. But you will be pleasantly surprised once you see how quickly your bucks add up, and that will probably hook you for good!

Want to sign up? Go here! Good luck!

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  1. says

    I love swagbucks! There are a few things I stopped doing, but I just log in daily and do my search and collect my points. It is quick and easy and the bucks add up!

  2. says

    I know I don’t like how it caps off at 1000 SB but Miranda let me know of a site (Commission Junction) and I have earned $2 some people signing up. It’s a bit faster way to earn some cash.

    One of my referrals I think has now capped out so my other ones gotta the ball rolling! 😉

    I love swagbucks though – use it everyday!

  3. Tia says

    I hope someone can help me with this ” so called ” GREAT site? I just started doing it it seems ok I entered the swagstakes but im confused do just random people win & how will I know if I win? If I win the sephora gift card how do I present that to them in person or is it just an online thing & how do these stores even know these codes are legit? Or will they even accept them? Another thing or should I say gripe is 450 swagbucks is kinda ALOT for a $5 amazon card I mean come on they should at least give you $ 20 dollars for that much swagbucks it does take alot of time to earn that much unless u have the time to play games please explain all this to me thanks

    • Anna says

      Random people win the Swagstakes. You’ll know if you won because I assume they will email you and tell you. If you win a Sephora gift card, they will probably either email you a gift code you can use to shop online at Sephora or they will mail you an actual gift card in the mail to use at Sephora. Swagbucks buys the codes from the actual stores I’m pretty sure, so the codes you win don’t actually come from Swagbucks, they come from the stores since that’s where Swagbucks got the codes.

      450 Swagbucks is not a lot for a $5 Amazon gift card. Once you begin using the site daily, you will see it doesn’t really take that long to get 450 Swagbucks. If you use Swagbucks every day, you may be able to get at least a few of those codes per month. Some people are able to get more than that. If you don’t have time to participate on Swagbucks then yes, it might take you longer to build up your bucks to redeem for anything. But honestly it doesn’t take that much time every day to do something on there. If you don’t have time to play the games, you could at least use the Swagbucks search engine and do internet searches on occasion since you can get bucks that way, too. Good luck.

      • Tia says

        Hi Anna thanks so much for responding I do have another ? though , do you have to cash out every month or say if I wanted to wait 4 to 7 months before cashing out is that ok too? Or does a new cycle begin every month? And I know this may be a silly statement but I’m sure there are hundreds of people that do over 50 survey’s a day if there are that many how does swagbucks know its you ? they might if they have your IP address,especially if the person is lying on every survey they say no cheating but come on you can’t tell me there’s not people doing that? lol although I am disqualified for 80% of them assuming these ” so called” other Companies think your someone else from a different state each time I mean I take offense what are these people looking for anyway! thanks again for your time

        • Anna says

          You can save your Swagbucks for as long as you need, I believe. I know a lot of people save them up for Christmas shopping and stuff.

          Swagbucks can tell it’s you taking the surveys because you’re logged into your account when you’re taking them. No one qualifies into every survey they try to take, it’s pretty common to get booted out of a lot of them. It just depends on what demographic the research company is looking for for each particular survey. When I’ve taken surveys for Swagbucks, I’ve probably only managed to qualify into about 20 percent of them as well. And honestly this is no different than any other survey panel … it’s not just a thing with Swagbucks.

  4. Sarah says

    I just started an love it! please help me out as none of my friends are interested so i have no referrals:( Thank you! You wont regret it!:)

  5. Heidi N says

    You can’t just play a game on SB. You have to play more than one round to be credited to the account. I couldn’t just play one round of a game and then receive some points like I thought. Keep in mind that a point is worth about a penny in general.

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