Earn Cash With the Cada Cabeza Hispanic Panel

If you are a Spanish-speaking Hispanic living in the US, you will qualify to join the Cada Cabeza survey panel. This is a reputable panel that has been around for 20 years now, and it is possible to earn actual cash in exchange for your insight and opinions. Here are some specifics on how it works:

How to Earn

You earn money here as you do with any survey panel — by answering surveys.

How You’re Paid

The Cada Cabeza panel pays in redeemable points, but fortunately these points can be converted to cash. One thousand points equals $20 here. Payments are sent via check within a few weeks after you request it.

Survey Invites

From what I can tell, you’ll get survey invitations via email. You can also earn bonus points for filling out your profiles on the site.


You can only sign up if you are a Spanish-speaking Hispanic living in the US. At this time, the Cada Cabeza panel does not accept Hispanics living outside the U.S.

Overall Feedback

This panel has good feedback overall. People report being paid and within a few weeks of cashing out as promised.

Signing Up

If you meet the criteria and would like to sign up, go here.

Please share your experience with this panel below if you have it!

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  1. clauemi says

    I just joined and received 100 points for joining and also 70 for completing a profile survey. There’s no surveys available right now but hopefully there will be some soon.

  2. Miguel says

    Nose porque dice q ya no esta activo porq yo aun sigo contestando encuestas y el panel se ha mejorado, ahora pagan con una debit card, ademas pusieron unos sweepstakes q son mensuales, el premio es de 200 dlls, la pagina es http://www.cadacabeza.com y digan q miguel80 les paso el tip, saludos.

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