Seven Awesome Product Testing Panels to Join

Do you like getting stuff in the mail? If so, you'll want to check out this list of seven product testing panels you can join. These panels make it possible for you to get free products in the mail to try and test on a regular basis.If you’re like me, you love getting free products to test out and keep. I generally don’t even care if I do not receive payment for product testing, and this is a good thing because most of these panels don’t pay you for the things you test and keep. You are supposed to just consider the fact you get a free product to keep your reward. But, that’s fine with me!

There are a ton of product testing panels out there and actually many of the popular survey panels occasionally send products out that you can test and keep in addition to sending out surveys. But over the last year there have been about eight panels that really seem to stand out from the rest.

If you want to start regularly testing out products, you should sign up with the following companies:

Elite Deals Club

Elite Deals Club is a new product testing opportunity that I’m really excited about. You’ll have access to a ton of different things from Amazon at a massive discount. Usually it’s a 90% discount or higher and sometimes even free! These items vary and every day is a new list. There are often beauty products, cell phone and tablet accessories, supplements, kitchen items, etc. They offer these discounts because the sellers want some honest reviews, so you’re expected to hop onto Amazon and leave a review once you’ve tested them. I’ve personally purchased a few things and I’ve been very pleased. This is even better if you have an Amazon Prime account for the free 2 day shipping.

Smiley 360

Smiley 360 is an amazing panel that almost always has some new campaign you can participate in. I’ve gotten in on several campaigns in the past and have received multiple products to test in my mailbox along with valuable coupons that I can pass out to my friends and family in addition to testing the product. After you test the product, you are asked to share your experience in as many ways as you can — across social media, word of mouth, etc.


Influenster is another excellent panel that seems to have something new for me to participate in at least once a month. I have received one of their popular “Vox Boxes” that contains a variety of full-sized samples as well as two big bottles of Palmolive dish soap to test just last month. Just like most panels, you need to spread the word about whatever you are given to test. You can do this via social media, word of mouth, video, etc. And you need to let Influenster know that you did it so you can continue to get asked to participate in future campaigns. Read my full review of Influenster here.


The Expo panel is a little different from the two listed above because they do require video reviews. So if you’re not comfortable filming yourself doing a review of whatever they send you test, this one might not be for you. But in addition to getting to test and keep the products you’re sent, you also get points that you can redeem for gift cards. So that’s a nice extra bonus. Overall, Expo is very respected and most people really enjoy being members. Read my full review of Expo here.

Bzz Agent

The Bzz Agent site has been around for a long time, and I’ve participated here on a number of occasions. It works in a similar manner to the sites above — get something for free, try it, and then spread the word about it. This panel usually has a lot of different things going on all the time. Read my full review of Bzz Agent here.


I’ve done a couple of product tests through Swaggable, which is a slightly newer site. You basically just create an account and then look through their products and click “Want” for the stuff you’d want to test. After you receive the item, you have to write a little review of it on the Swaggable site and they also strongly encourage you to share your review across your social media networks. So far the things I have received have only been sample-sized, not full-sized. But still, I am happy to get whatever so this is a panel I would recommend. Read my full review of Swaggable here.

House Party

House Party is another fun panel you should definitely join. It’s a little more exclusive because you aren’t guaranteed to get in on the various parties they are accepting hosts for. Spots are always limited. But if you are lucky enough to get in on a House Party campaign, this means you’ll get a ton of free samples from a specific brand or promotion that you can use to throw a party and pass out the fun stuff to your guests. You’ll have to take pics, video, etc. to prove that you did in fact throw a party. Go here to read my full House Party review.

That’s pretty much it. What product testing panels do you use?


  1. Amanda says

    thanx for the great info! I joined BzzAgent, Influenster, Smiley 360, and Swaggable. Hope I get something to test soon!

    • Amanda says

      I actually have gotten products from smiley360, myself! Nothing from Bzzagent, yet but my sister said it took a long time for her first samples to come (but that they were full sized). I just joined influenster and swaggable myself! Good luck, Amanda 😉

  2. says

    I have been a member to all of then their some that are new so thanks great work thanks, let me know if u find anything new, and smiley updated their site so its even easier to use checkoutmine

  3. Roseanne says

    Hey, I was wondering if any of these sites are for Canadians? I use bzzagent and they are great. I’ve already gotten 4 kits in the past month! But I can’t seem to find any other Canadian sites!

    • Anna says

      I am not 100 percent sure, but it probably says so in the terms and conditions for each of the sites. You can always try signing up and see what happens. Good luck!

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