Get Instant Paypal Payments With the Endorse App


Unfortunately the Endorse app is no more. :(

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about an app I’m just loving right now called Ibotta. Finding something as cool as that needless to say sent me on a hunt for apps that are similar. And I found one! It’s called Endorse. Currently Endorse is available for devices supporting Apple or Android.

How Endorse Works

This app gives you cash back for your grocery store purchases, just like Ibotta does. It works in much the same way. Before you go shopping, check the app to see what items Endorse is currently offering cash back for. Buy the items. When you get back home, take a picture of your store receipt with your smartphone or tablet and upload it to Endorse. They will review your receipt and give you the cash back for what you bought.

How It’s Different From Ibotta

Unlike Ibotta, there isn’t a set dollar amount that you will receive back for each item you buy. Instead, Endorse offers you a cash back percentage, so the amount you get will vary depending on how much the item cost when you bought it. Another thing that’s different is the stores that are supported. If you’ve used Ibotta, then you know that there are only certain stores you can use although it is a good list. Endorse will accept receipts from just about any store as long as your receipt proves you bought the item.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Your receipt has to be in good shape. Make sure you don’t tear it or wrinkle it up on your way home. If Endorse can’t read the receipt, they can’t give you your credit. Also, the receipt cannot be older than seven days so be sure to upload it before time runs out.

How Payment Works

Endorse pays with either Paypal or a paper check. You can cash out your Paypal money at any time. There does not appear to be a minimum cash out threshold. But if you opt to get a check mailed to you, Endorse won’t send it until you’ve accumulated $25.

If you want to go the charity route, they also give you the option to donate money to local schools.

Referral Program

Endorse does have a referral program similar to Ibotta’s. They will pay you $1 for each friend who signs up to use the app using your unique referral link, so definitely tell your friends, family, Facebook or Twitter followers, etc. about Endorse if you like it.

My Experience

So far my experience has been very positive. I received my first payment just yesterday, and it came within 15 minutes of my asking for it. My payment proof is below:


I also want to mention that I did have a bit of trouble with something, and Endorse was very helpful with fixing it. I actually sold my iPhone a few weeks back and tried to reinstall the Endorse app on my husband’s phone. I couldn’t get it to work. It would not let me sign in using my Facebook on his phone. But I emailed Endorse and they were very helpful. They responded within just a few hours with a solution that worked.



  1. says

    I love these apps that pay you back! Unfortunately, my smartphone is a dinosaur. May be time to upgrade though. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. says

    In which country the endores app is available? It would be a great alternative to have a cash back via paypal instead of just accumulating points as a reward for purchases, though it isn’t bad at all, then again cash is something you can use instantaneously.

    • Anna says

      I’m thinking it’s just US right now, but there’s always a possibility they might expand in the future. A lot of these apps do expand as they grow in popularity.

  3. says

    Looking forward for endorse and ibotta to be available in Canada. For now I can only think of Checkout51 as the app, for Canadians, similar to its counterparts. I signed up and will give it a try. Still, it is best to have many options.

  4. clauemi says

    Not compatible with my smartphone, sucks!!! Not giving up though, I’m gonna try Ibotta and maybe I will get lucky. Thanks for sharing!

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