Get Paid for Price Comparison With the Smoopa App

The Smoopa app is a different kind of shopping app that actually pays you for doing price comparison while you are out shopping. I am really loving these apps that pay you back for the things you buy. I’ve done some reading up on how Smoopa works, so here goes:

How Smoopa Works

Download the Smoopa app for your Apple or Android device. When you’re shopping, use the app to scan barcodes on various items and enter the price the store is charging. The Smoopa app will then let you know based off the information in it’s vast database if the price for the item is a good one or if you could save more either online or at another store. And then of course the price you just gave Smoopa will be included in it’s database. You see, they are actually rewarding you for helping them build their database of prices.

How You Get Rewarded

You get rewarded if you find an in-store price that is better than what’s available online. If that happens, Smoopa will alert you that you have a special offer. If I am understanding correctly, you then purchase the item and submit a claim to Smoopa so they can verify you did. Then, the amount of the special offer will be added to your account balance.

Redeeming Rewards From Smoopa

The amount in your account can be redeemed for cash to Paypal, rebate check, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, or charitable donations.

How Long Do Rewards Take?

The FAQ on the Smoopa website states that claims you submit can take up to two weeks to process.

Smoopa Referral Program

Smoopa gives you a special promo code that you can give out to friends who have not downloaded the app yet. If they sign up using the promo code you gave them, you both get rewarded. Unless things have changed, referring a friend means you can earn $2.

Are you ready to get started with Smoopa?

Visit the Smoopa website for all the info you need and the download links.

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    Yes, make sure to select the correct store (you can search for it if needed) and enter the store price from the receipt. Items must be scanned on the date of purchase for special offers to be valid.

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