Get Paid to Be a Mock Juror

Get Paid to Be a Mock JurorBeing a mock juror is an excellent way to earn some extra cash! Many people do this in their spare time because it actually does pay off pretty well. The only problem is that you may not get contacted to participate that often if you don’t live in a larger-sized city. For this reason, I would recommend signing up to join as many mock juror panels as possible to increase your chances of getting invited to participate. If you sign up with a lot of different sites and don’t start getting email invites right away, please don’t get discouraged. You are not likely to get invited immediately.

How much do mock jurors get paid?

This depends on many things, including the complexity of the case and the panel you are signed up with. I’ve seen some figures as high as $100 for one jury session and others as low as $8 per case.

Why are mock jurors needed?

Lawyers often want to give cases a “trial run” before they actually happen to see how they might play out. For this reason, mock jurors are incredibly valuable because these lawyers can get the feedback they need before a case goes to trial.

What does being a mock juror involve?

Usually not more than an hour of your time. You’ll be asked to either watch, listen to, or read over the details of the case and then provide your opinion at the end.

List of Mock Juror Sites

Here are some legit sites you can sign up with to start participating in mock trials. Please keep in mind that doing this won’t pay your bills. It’s just extra money here and there for doing something that you may consider fun. Please keep in mind that these opportunities are — as far as I can tell — completely legit, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still do your own research before signing up. Don’t sign up for any that are asking you for more information than you are comfortable giving out.

Do you know of any other panels I don’t have listed here? Please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Diana Blaisedale says

    One of the sites above asks for a Driver’s License Number. I thought that odd. Upon more research, that’s often how identities are stolen. So I did not sign up there. Also, my Google Chrome told me Trial Practice has an expired security certificate and recommended I not go there because it may not be their actual site. Did not go there either.

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