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Update 5/1/13 – Rate My Video is no longer in operation.

Thanks to WAHM, I recently discovered a new “extra cash” site you can use called Rate My Video. As the name implies, this is exactly what you do to earn money — watch videos on YouTube and then rate them using a little five star scale.

How much are you paid?

As you might have guessed, you’re not going to break the bank doing this. I signed up myself about a week ago and from what I’ve seen so far, most videos pay you around a nickel a piece to watch (give or take — and there are a few that might pay up to a dollar but that’s rare). Most of the videos are at least three to five minutes in length.

You can request your earnings once you’ve accumulated $10. The money will be sent to you via Paypal.

How do you get your account set up?

You’ll have to go to the site and request an invitation. You’ll probably  hear back from them with the details a few hours later, or possibly the next day. But in short, you have to have a Facebook account to sign up and you can’t sign up if your Facebook account is younger than six months old.

Once you are signed up, you’ll be given a link to install their Google Chrome extension (yes, you do have to use the Chrome browser to do this work, but it’s free and very easy to install on your computer). Once you have Chrome installed (if you didn’t already), you can download and install the Rate My Video extension.

After that, it’s as simple as clicking on the little Rate My Video icon and watching whatever videos you have that are available to you.

Is this worth it?

It’s very easy and kind of fun to do. If you like watching videos on YouTube anyway, you might enjoy actually getting paid for it for a change. What I like about it is that I can do it while I do other things, or while I’m taking a break from other work at home stuff.

Feedback so far?

I have not spent a lot of time on this yet so I only have a dollar accumulated, therefore not enough to cash out. But I was browsing around on Work Place Like Home (must be a member to view the thread there) and WAHM and both of those forums have two people claiming to have been paid that also provided payment proof.

Also, many people have reported the people behind Rate My Video to be very responsive via email. If you have any issues with the extension or anything else, they get back with you super fast. This is always a good sign! I’ve had more companies than I can count not even acknowledge the emails I’ve sent to them.

Update – Just requested my earnings for the first time today (Jan. 3, 2013) and received it in about an hour after asking for it.

Update – You may have observed (as I have) that the Chrome extension is a little buggy. I love using this, but I do hope they get the kinks worked out of it soon.

Would you like to get started? Go here to sign up for Rate My Video.

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  1. vanamarie says

    thanks, i just signed up on friday for this, since you can leaving it running and I am on the computer all day at work. I love that after 5 min , no matter what, you can rate and go to next. It takes a bit to get in routine to remember to rate and “next” but overall, its quick, easy and is extra money while i work or do other online earnings- its like “overtime!” – Its not fast moving- although i have not kept it running all day on either friday or today, but I have around 2.00 bucks- it says there is another 52 videos left today, but It looks like they add throughout the day since earlier there were only 57 and i have easily watched 10 or more today

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