Get Paid to Receive Mail

How you can actually get paid to check your mailbox!

Believe it or not, you can get paid to receive mail. This is what is called a “mail decoy.” There are some different companies that pay people to be mail decoys, and the purpose of the job is so that companies can see how efficiently their mailings are being delivered.

What does a mail decoy do?

As stated above, you’re allowing companies to send their mailings to your mailbox. For the most part, you’ll get catalogs, magazines, flyers, and so forth. After receiving the mail, you let the mail decoy company know what you got and on what day. The process for inputting the mail differs from company to company. Some may want you to do it online, while others may ask that you call an 800 number and input a code from the mailings.

This sounds fishy. Is it a scam?

Absolutely not. I am currently doing some mail decoy work for one company and it’s not a scam. The people who send you magazines and catalogs do have a need for this service. They need to be able to track how quickly their mailings get to people after they are sent out.

But what about all the junk in your mailbox? Isn’t that a pain?

Some people don’t like the idea of it, which is why they pass on mail decoy opportunities. I have personally not found it to be that much of a hassle. Some of the catalogs I receive are pretty interesting. The ones that aren’t just get recycled. If you don’t think you’d like the extra mail, this might not be the extra income-opportunity for you.

How much does being a mail decoy pay?

The pay varies depending on who you are signed up with. It’s not full-time work so you don’t get full-time pay. You can expect to receive a little extra cash for going to the trouble.

Will you get the mail forever once you’re signed up?

You can earn money by checking your mail (something you do every day anyway) by signing up to be a mail decoy agent! This post has info on where to sign up and how much you can expect to earn.
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If you decide you don’t want to be a mail decoy any longer, you will no longer receive the mailings. The only exception might be if you received a catalog and actually decided to order something from it.

Where can I sign up to be a mail decoy?

There are a few different places. Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I know about:

US Monitor – Pays $10 per month plus .25 per each piece of mail received.

SBKC – This is a company that will take your junk mail and, in return, give you gift cards.

Is there a guarantee I’ll get approved to be a mail decoy if I apply at any of these places?

Unfortunately, no. For example, US Monitor is pretty limited because they only need one person per zip code. I am not certain that SBKC is always open, either.

Good luck if you register at any of these places!


  1. says

    Interesting. Someone was asking about this kind of job the other day, and I really didn’t know what to tell her, as I’ve never known anyone who actually did it. Now I do!

    • Murell says

      Yes this is true, I have been doing this for over a year now with one company. It only take a few second to enter each piece of mail, Its quick and easy

  2. jackie says

    thanks so much! Which one do you prefer or work on, Your awesome , i need something with all these problems im having.. thanks for all your help ..

    • Anna says

      Jackie, the only one I’m participating in right now is Quad Readers, and they only send out the postage stamps (but that still helps if you use stamps!)

      From what I’ve read, most people do the best with US Monitor. I have tried to get hired by them but they have not needed anyone in my zip code. I know there are some people who also work for Quotas, but I have also been unsuccessful getting on there too.

      I would suggest trying US Monitor first, then the others. It doesn’t hurt to apply with all of them! Good luck!

  3. Clauemi says

    Cool! I’ve never heard of this before, hopefully my zip code will be needed in at least one of these. Thanks for the post!

  4. Adam Costa says

    Im happy I found this blog, I couldnt discover any information on this topic matter prior to. I also run a site and if you want to ever serious in a little bit of guest writing for me if possible feel free to let me know, im always look for people to examine out my site. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

    • Anna says

      Yep, I need to remove that one. Someone mentioned on one of the forums that that one doesn’t work anymore if I’m remembering right. Sorry.

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