Get Rewarded for Watching TV With the Viggle App

Doesn’t the idea of getting rewarded for watching TV sound awesome! Well, the Viggle app lets you do just that. This is an app I have not personally tried out yet, but it is getting a lot of great feedback and I’m hearing a ton about it. Here’s what I know about how it works:

Earning Rewards

All you need to do to earn rewards with Viggle is check in to let the app know when you are watching certain TV shows. The app can automatically identify the shows you are watching (it can “hear” the sounds from the show as you watch) and will award you points for doing the checking-in. You can then redeem your rewards for gift cards and things. You can also get more points for watching ads, trailers, etc.

This is of course based on a redeemable points system which I know not everyone likes, but it’s so easy to get these points when all you have to do is just let the app know what you’re watching. So not a pain at all and seems totally worth it.

Most TV shows give you around 200 or 300 points and for most rewards you must have at least 7,500 points.

Types of Rewards

As stated above, you can redeem your rewards for gift cards. Some they advertise include Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy, and several others.

Supported Devices

Viggle is currently only supported by Apple, so you can’t use it unless you have the  iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


You can’t earn points for more than 12 hours of TV per day nor can you go over 12,000 points a day.

Referral Program

Viggle does have a referral program. You can get 200 points for every friend you refer to use the app.


It seems so far that most people are pretty impressed with Viggle and how easy it is to accumulate points there. If you want to read some real user reviews, check out their page on Apple.

Ready to try it?

Download it free via the app store on your device.


  1. Wendy says

    Looks like Viggle is now available for Android. I justed got the app & it looks like it’s working so far. I think the info they give you is a little vague on some fronts, so I’m not clear on some of the specifics (how does Viggle know how many minutes of a program you’ve watched? how can you refer other people & what can you earn by doing so?). So, definitely wish their website and/or info about program was a bit more robust, but sadly, I think most apps are this way.

    • Anna says

      Glad to hear it’s on Android now. I was also very confused as to how you refer others. Where do you find your referral link? I’ve seen that others have one and tried to create my own based off what others look like, but so far I have received no credit for referring anyone.

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