How Does Plink Work?

Plink is a rewards site you can join and get rewards for the shopping and eating out you do. Note this is the offline shopping you do, not the online shopping. The site has been around for over a year now and a lot of people have been hesitant to sign up because you do have to link a credit or debit card to your Plink account so they will know when you’ve made offline purchases with the retailers they support — so you can get rewarded. But as I just stated, Plink has been around for over one year and so far, there have been no problems that I can tell. So, here is some more information in case you are interested in signing up:

How do you get rewards?

All you have to do to get your rewards is pay with the credit or debit card you used when you signed up with Plink. Your rewards will be automatic.

How many cards can you register?

Only one registered card is allowed per user.

What restaurants/stores are supported?

There are thousands, so too many to list. But some big names are 7 Eleven, Burger King, Outback Steakhouse, Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Arby’s. Plink has negotiated special deals with these restaurants so that when you dine/shop there, Plink can pay you because they also get paid.

What are the rewards?

There are a lot of different things, including charitable donations. You can redeem for One Fund donations, iTunes gift cards, Red Cross donation, Tango cards, airline miles, Amazon codes, Walmart cards, Kohl’s cards, Facebook credits, Barnes & Noble  cards, Overstock, Zappo’s and also American Eagle.

How do you know your banking info is safe?

Here is the explanation for that taken from Plink’s website:

Your account is safe with Plink. We use bank-level encryption to secure your login credentials. Our system only scans your transactional data to track your purchases so that we can award you with Plink Points or other incentives. Your personal information is never sold or shared in any way.

And as I mentioned above, I have so far not found any reports of anything bad happening as a result of someone registering with Plink. However, I totally understand if you choose not to participate.

How do you sign up?

You can go here to get started.

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