Instant Pay For Referrals With the Ibotta App!

Ibotta sent out an email last night with some fantastic news! No more waiting to reach “bonus levels” on referrals to get paid. Apparently they’ve done away with this and now you can get paid for your referrals instantly with no waiting. If I read it correctly, when someone signs up using your unique referral link and opens up the Ibotta app on their device, you’ll immediately get credit and have access to the cash out button once you have the $5. PLUS they are also giving $2 for referrals instead of $1 up through November 30!

I really love this change because I admit I was bummed when they put the “bonus levels” in place. Some of the levels seemed just impossible to reach, and not everyone knows enough people they could refer to really make that pay off.

If you aren’t familiar with the Ibotta app, you can go here to read my review of it. Basically, it’s an app that you can make you money while also saving you money.

Note that this change with the referrals will not go into effect until Thursday, November 14th.

You can go here to start using the Ibotta app.

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