Mommytalk Surveys Review

If you’re a mom who enjoys paid surveys, you may want to sign up for Mommytalk Surveys, which is a panel geared toward moms. I went through the sign-up process myself just to see how it goes, and I admit that at first I was a little put off because during the sign-up there was one of those little “Do you want to take advantage of these special offers?” pages where you check yes/no for a list of different things. But when I got past that, I found that there is an actual dashboard with surveys waiting for me that paid cash and demographic information to fill out. So far so good!

How much does Mommytalk Surveys pay for surveys?

First off, they do give you $5 just for signing up. I can see this now in my account balance. The amounts for surveys you qualify for vary. Some pay as little as fifty cents while others might pay several dollars. The best thing to do is just log in every day to see what surveys are available that you can take.

All cash payments are made to your Paypal account. You only need $5 in your account to redeem for any of the rewards, but you will need $10 to request cash to your Paypal.

Cash or points?

No points at Mommytalk Surveys, just cash. Although, you can choose to redeem your cash for various rewards they have available.

Who can sign up?

Mommytalk Surveys is open internationally to people 18 and older. You can sign up as young as 14 though if you have parental consent.

What do people say about this one?

I’ve seen some good feedback. Many people say they get a lot of survey invites although they don’t qualify for each one. I did see one complaint posted on the MyLot forum where someone mentioned it taking four months to get paid, but that was back in 2010 so they may have sped up their process since then. Pretty much all other reports on the panel indicate that the money comes quickly enough (like within a few weeks usually).

Do you want to sign up?

You can go here to sign up for Mommytalk Surveys. Please share your experience with them below if you have it!

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  1. jill says

    I joined mommytalks a few years ago. At that point it was $25 to cash out and I did receive payment in a timely manner. I like the site; I just found it frustrating to take so many surveys and not qualify. I haven’t checked my dashboard in a while. After reading this I need to go back and check it out again.

    • Anna says

      They must have a lot of surveys available because they do send me a lot of invitations. But, as you said, I don’t qualify for all of them. I’m glad they lowered their cash out threshold.

  2. Margie Miranda says

    Comment: I loved taking these surveys for years, however when it comes to cashing out, Pay Pal is no longer an option. After spending over one whole painful year trying to obtain the Payoneer card, I can not access the “redeem” button to use the Payoneer card. The message keeps leading me to a site o sign up for a card.It took me ayear to get the first one, why do I need another? No one will help me with this. That is why I question the legitimacy of this company. I continue to wrtie numerous emails.

  3. Suzanne Moffa says

    I have taken MANY surveys and on ALL of the surveys, I spend at least 5-10 minutes answering questions only to be told I didn’t qualify. Starting to thing its a scam. They should know when they “pre-qualify” me if I qualify or not. Dont ask me 20 questions about a specific topic then say oops, u didnt qualify or we have enough applicants. Really getting frustrated. Oh, and did I mention Im only $0.55 from a cash out?

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