Top Picks

This is a tried & tested list of extra cash sites and apps you can use. These are ALL very reputable and they ALL pay!Looking for extra money? These are my favorite sites to use:

Pinecone Research – If you are going to register yourself with any survey panel, this is the best one to use. They pay out more than other panels with guaranteed potential for $3 per survey you take, and they also are known for sending out really good product tests. They are selective about who they accept, but if you meet the demographic they are currently looking for (which changes) you might make it in.

Ibotta - This is a smartphone app (for Apple or Android users) that will actually pay you back a little money for buying certain things in the store. I used this one today and after my earnings credited, I cashed out to Paypal and they paid in less than a minute! Payments are made via Paypal once you have $5 and you request it.

Opinion Outpost – This one isn’t “new,” but it’s new to this page because I recently discovered that Opinion Outpost is paying much faster for surveys than they were before. As soon as you hit the cash out threshold, you’ll get your money to Paypal within minutes of asking for it.

Swagbucks - Get paid for searching the web. You randomly win Swagbucks a few times a day. You can also get the bucks by filling out offers, surveys, videos, and more. You only need 450 Swagbucks to cash out for a $5 Amazon card. Easy to get there.

Inbox Dollars - This is a “get paid to” site that has been around for a long time. Lots of ways to earn money here, including filling out offers, watching videos, opening email, answering surveys, printing coupons, and much more.

Jingit - Get paid to watch ads online, check in at stores, answer short surveys, and even shop. This isn’t a “get paid to” site. You are given a prepaid Visa debit card and you earn actual cash for each thing you do. This cash is immediately available for spending via your prepaid card.

Ebates - Get paid cash back for your purchases. Simply go through the Ebates site before you buy anything online (at their participating stores) and get money in your Ebates account. They give a certain percentage based on your total purchase price.

Saving Star - Do you have a grocery store rewards card? Do you use it? If so, you should be using Saving Star! Check their website for their featured grocery items and select them. If you have your rewards card registered with their site, you’ll automatically get money into your account when you buy those things. They pay you as soon as you have $5 to either your bank, Paypal, or Amazon funds. You can also donate to charity if you want.

Postloop  - You can get paid for posting on forums through Postloop. Accumulate points for every post that you can convert to cash. 100 points is equal to $5 in Paypal. Fun and easy work! I’ve already been paid multiple times. Follow the instructions closely when signing up.

Slice the Pie - Get paid to listen to and rate new music. Paypal payments. Great for extra money.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Get paid for answering short, three question polls. You can do this several times a day and you randomly win some change at least a few times a day. If you don’t get actual money, you can take the coins and tickets you do get and enter them into prize drawings. They give away $2 every four hours and $50 once a day. I have done this and won a few times.

Paid Viewpoint  - Short surveys, and you are paid for answering each question. Once you reach the $15 payout threshold, they send you your money usually the same day you request it.

Irazoo - This site is almost identical to Swagbucks. It’s very easy to navigate and use and I’ve redeemed for Amazon codes here multiple times.

Sponsored Tweets - Advertisers will pay you to tweet out short ads to your Twitter followers. I do this sometimes and have been paid.

Sverve – Another way to get paid to tweet is through Sverve. You have to have a blog to sign up, though. You can also find out about lots of sponsored post campaigns through various brands there. I have used Sverve as a blogger and been paid!

And if you like side earners that offer quick or almost instant pay, you’ll want to check out my list of sites that pay fast. Many of the sites above are on that list along with a few others.

None of these could be considered a “job,” but they are all great for the occasional gift card and/or extra money. There are tons more listed on the main blog. Have fun!

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