Review of the YourWord Survey Panel

YourWord is a panel I just learned about the other day that’s getting a bit of buzz. This one sounds very basic and they may send out more survey invitations per month than other panels (although time will tell if they continue to do so). Below is a bit of information explaining how this panel works:

Who can sign up?

You can sign up as long as you are a resident of the United States and you are at least 16 years old.

How do you know when there are new surveys to take?

Like most panels, YourWord will send you email invitations when there are new surveys to participate in. They claim you should see around five to seven surveys per month.

What do you get for taking surveys?

YourWord only pays out in gift cards, so it doesn’t look like you can get Paypal cash here. However, the rewards you get for each survey are in dollar amounts so there isn’t a confusing points system in place. For example, if one survey pays $2, that’s $2 in gift cards to whichever retailer you end up choosing when you redeem. The amount per each survey will vary depending on it’s length and complexity, but YourWord lets you know in the email invitations you get for each survey how much it pays.

One super big PLUS about this panel and how they pay is that even if you screen out of surveys you attempt (always frustrating when this happens at other panels), YourWord still gives you .25 cents for trying! So you won’t feel like you’ve wasted time for absolutely nothing.

How much money do you need to redeem?

You only need $5 to cash out for a gift card. YourWord gives you an automatic $1 just for signing up and filling out your profile.

How long does it take to get your gift cards?

The cards are all sent in the form of emailed codes and YourWord claims they send them out within 24-48 hours after you ask for them.

It is possible to forfeit your points?

Yes. If you read the fine print here, it looks like your account will go into inactive status if you don’t participate in any surveys within 12 months. And I believe you have to consider whatever money sitting in your account at that time as forfeited, so if you register it would be a good idea to cash out every time as soon as you’re able or to at least be sure you answer the occasional survey.

What can you redeem for?

YourWord currently has these retailers listed as redemption options:

  • CVS/pharmacy
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Home Depot
  • Groupon


The browsing I’ve done indicates that this panel pays as promised and pays relatively fast. Most people are pleased that even if they screen out of surveys they still get that quarter so the time doesn’t feel as wasted. Apparently a lot of the surveys do pay less than $1 though, so it might be a little rare to get one that pays over $1.

Want to sign up?

You can go here to register at YourWord. Remember they credit your account with $1 just for registering yourself completely.

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  1. Jeana says

    I’ve had a nice time with this site. I cashed out a ten dollar itunes card within the first 2 weeks which was pretty good compared to other sites I’ve tried. My code was delivered by email almost instantly also. The best thing though is that almost all of my earning came from the 25 cents they pay when you screen out of surveys. It’s nice to know you still get something for your time and effort.

    • Anna says

      Yes, I love the ones that send you a little something even if you screen out! Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Jeana.

  2. gina says

    Try to log in but I keep getting ask for my UK phone Number to get a code can’t you just send the code to me through my email as I can’t get in to use the site or to get in touch with you

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