Full Review of Irazoo – A Search and Win Site

Irazoo is another site I use a lot to search and win. It’s something I participate in a few times per day, and so far I believe I have cashed out for $5 Amazon codes two or three times total since I signed up along with a few Paypal payments. And yes — they do send them, although unfortunately in my experience it took about a month after I requested the codes to get them, which is kind of slow.

How Irazoo Works

Irazoo is a lot like Swagbucks, but not nearly as popular — at least not yet. Since I began participating, Irazoo has gone through a lot of changes and it’s clear that they’re trying to improve.

Basically, you create an account (which can be integrated with Facebook) and start doing Internet searches to earn points. These points can be redeemed for lots of different rewards, the most popular of which is the $5 Amazon code. You need 3000 points to get the Amazon code.

Sometimes when you search, you will instantly win points. When you don’t instantly win points, you are still guaranteed to get a certain number of points per day by recommending the websites you visit. Basically when your search results come up after submitting a search query and you visit a landing page, there will be an Irazoo bar at the top of the page asking whether or not you recommend the site and also gives you a place to input comments. After you click yes or no recommend buttons, you’re awarded five points.

In the past, people were awarded more than five points for their recommendations and the number of points per day was capped at around 150 or 200. I’m not sure I like this change because you now have to do a lot more searches per day to build up your points. I generally only use Swagbucks once or twice per day, but now with Irazoo I have to use it a lot more than that to really get anywhere with my points. Unless of course I win a bunch instantly (which doesn’t happen all the time) or they release a treasure code that’s worth a whole lot of points.

Thankfully, Irazoo also has a toolbar you can download to make it easier for you to search and win.

Referring Friends

You can refer your friends to sign up with Irazoo. You’ll get 50 Irazoo points for each friend you refer, and you’ll earn matching points on for every friend until they hit 3000 points. That’s when it caps off and you can no longer earn from that referral.

I guess this is Irazoo’s way of keeping you actively seeking out referrals — which ultimately benefits them because it means more people using the site. This is no different than Swagbucks — they also cap the points you can earn from friends off at 1000 per friend. I really don’t like this, but I guess I get it?

Treasure Codes

Treasure codes are similar to SwagCodes on Swagbucks. Irazoo will occasionally release a word (the treasure code) and post it on their Facebook page. This word can be entered into the treasure code field, which you can find by visiting the “Earn Points” tab at the top of your screen when you’re logged in. The code will only be valid for a certain period of time, which is specified on the Facebook page, and they’re usually¬†worth a good bit of points, like between 25 and 50.

Offers, Surveys, Tasks, and Coupons

You can also get Irazoo points by filling out offers, answering surveys, doing tasks, and downloading and printing coupons. These are all features I haven’t bothered with yet, mainly because I don’t have time. However, if you’re interested in making the most of Irazoo, I would certainly recommend trying out all these things to maximize the points you can earn.

What I Think So Far

I like Irazoo so far — I usually do Swagbucks and follow it up with an Irazoo search or two because the points add up, and I like getting those Amazon codes. There are of course other prizes you can redeem for, but the $5 Amazon code does seem to be the best for your points.

My Irazoo Payment Proof

I have redeemed for both Paypal money and Amazon codes via Irazoo. As stated above, they don’t pay out the same day like InstaGC or Quick Rewards, but they do pay. Below is Irazoo payment proof:

Paypal payment proof from Irazoo.

Do you want to sign up?

Go here to get registered. Good luck, and please comment with your personal Irazoo experience.

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  1. Jane says

    Will I get something special if I sign under your referral at iRazoo?
    I’m already trying to get gifts for Christmas from Gifthulk and Swagbucks and want to try iRazoo also.
    Can you tell how fast can I earn at iRazoo?
    For now the fastest one is Gifthulk(already got $10 PayPal there) and Swagbucks is more like a turtle-speed earning :) How fast is iRazoo compared to those?

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