Super Points Network Review

Super Points is a new thing and I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks now. It’s very similar to Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.

How can you get points on Super Points?

You can get points by watching videos (usually just gives one point for a couple minute long YouTube video), filling out offers, opening emails from Super Points (usually only containing a point or two), answering surveys, and using the Super Lucky button. Of course you can also get points by inviting your friends to sign up for Super Points.

The Super Lucky Button? What in the world is that?

This is sort of different than what most similar sites have. Basically it’s just a big button you can click over and over and you may or may not be awarded points for each click. The number of times you can click it per day depends on your member rank. If you’re a “Basic” member, which is what I currently am, you can only click the button 30 times a day. If you are “Gold” member, you can click it 50 times a day and you’ll also win the points your friends who have signed up under you win when they click the button. If you are a “Platinum” member, you’ll get 100 Super Lucky Button clicks per day and you’ll also win what your friends win and have more buttons you can unlock.

When I click the button my 30 times per day, I usually only win maybe one to three times. Sometimes I win like 20 points and sometimes just a point, so I guess it is just really random.

Do you have to pay to increase your member level?

No. Super Points is absolutely free in every way. You can increase your member level by inviting friends. You need at least two friends to be a “Basic” member and five friends to be a “Platinum” member.

More About Member Levels

Your member level also determines how many points you need to redeem for stuff in the rewards catalog. At the “Basic” level, you need 2500 points to redeem for anything. At “Gold,” you just need 1000 points to redeem. As a “Platinum” member, you can start redeeming rewards at just 500 points.

What’s in the Rewards Catalog?

Lots of stuff. They have the ever-popular $5 Amazon card and then there’s also $5 to Paypal and you can get as much as $500 cash to your Paypal depending on how many points you have to use for redemptions. There’s also electronics, toys, you name it.

The amount each reward will cost you in points varies from week to week. Sometimes Superpoints has special deals and sales on certain rewards.

How does the referral system work?

Your referral network can extend down five levels. I can’t find a whole lot of details on how inviting friends benefits you a lot other than that once someone you invite reaches the Basic member level, you get 25 points. It also says on the sites that you’ll earn rewards faster with more friends signed up under you.

You win what your friends win up to 1,000 Superpoints. After any given referral has earned you 1,000 points, you will no longer be able to earn from them.

My Honest Opinion of Super Points So Far

I like that this site is kind of different and that you can redeem for such large amounts of Paypal cash if you want. All I’ve really done so far is open my Super Points emails and occasionally log in and press the Super Lucky button. I think I’ve watched a video or two as well, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that all that much because the videos are too long for no more points than they give you for watching them.

Update 11-15-2011

I received my first SuperPoints Amazon Gift Code via email! Took them about a week to send it after I requested it. You can see the screenshot here for proof:

SuperPoints Payment Proof



  1. Wikis says

    I want to try Superpoints! Also, on other reward site – Gifthulk, I earn easy even without referrals. Already redeemed $15 Amazon card from there in almost no time. But i want to give Superpoints a try!

    • Anna says

      It’s not a scam Tiffany. I’ve been paid about five times now. BUT it’s also not going to be an income or anything close to it either. It’s just extra. It would probably take you, with no referrals, over a week to even get $5, so you may want to look into something else if you are needing more money than that.

  2. Jan says

    I joined Superpoints last year, and the site is GREAT!!! I love this site more than ( which I was never able to redeem anything), I just kept racking up points. But with Superpoints, I have redeemed 3 $10 PayPal so far and have received them within about 4 days. Anyone wishing to try this site, should. It’s not a get rich over night…but it’d definitely worth the time and the prizes are great :)

  3. Joe Koar says

    Superpoints has changed ownership. I notice this page was written in 2012, and a lot of the negative reviews came when they suddenly pulled the plug and left everyone hanging.

    But now the summer of 2014 they sold it and now a few of the ways of earning have changed, such as now new members get ten spins daily of the super lucky wheel. I’ve found I usually hit about one in three spins, anywhere from 1 to 1,000 points. At this level you can get very simple prizes.

    After about a week of doing spins and watching videos, I moved up to bronze level where I now get 25 spins of the wheel. If I get say, ten points on a spin, the person who referred me also wins but half, or five points. Plus at this level the prizes are a bit better, like $5 Amazon card for 10,000 points, or $10 Target card for 15,000 points.

    Shopping thru their site is the fastest way to earn points, and doing surveys gives lots too, but I find it annoying starting a survey only to be disqualified, so I don’t do them as much.

    I’ve been at it about two weeks now, and spend about a half-hour a day, and I have 1800 points. It’s easy to sit and click while watching TV. A trick I learned from watching videos, is you only need to watch for one minute to be credited.

    I’d love it if you use my reference to check it out.