Survey Spot Paid Surveys

Survey Spot is a survey site that I have used — and been paid by — in the past. If you’re going to bother with taking paid surveys for extra cash, Survey Spot is a site you *may* want to sign up with.

How it Works

Just create an account on their website and fill out whatever details they ask for. I don’t believe they ask for anything too personal, but it goes without saying that you shouldn’t give them any info you aren’t comfortable giving them. Please note however that some information may be required and you won’t be able to register at all if you don’t fill out the required info. However, there is a good bit that is optional. Survey Spot promises not to share any of your personal details with outside parties.

After your account is created, you should start receiving survey invites in a day or two. This is how most paid survey panels work. You can take the surveys you want and ignore/delete the emails you receive if you’re just not in the mood to give your opinion.

How Much Survey Spot Pays

Survey Spot used to pay in cash with a check for surveys you completed. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve done surveys for them and I believe this has changed some. According to the website, you get rewarded for sharing your opinions on Survey Spot through cash, gift vouchers, and prize drawings. You may receive redeemable points that you can trade in for Paypal cash and Amazon cards. *Sigh* Everyone seems to be jumping onto the “redeemable points” bandwagon these days. I would personally just prefer to take the cash!!

Referral Program

I am thinking that Survey Spot does not have a referral program you can take advantage of. I don’t remember one, and while I was exploring their website to write this review, I found no mention of one.

My Experience With Survey Spot

OK — Keep in mind that I haven’t done surveys for this site in quite a while (like over a year). As stated above, I did get paid in cash with a check in my mailbox. They don’t do that anymore though so apparently now it’s just redeemable points. I always thought Survey Spot was OK, but they sent a ton of survey invitations to my email and I actually found this very annoying! And I even had a separate email set up just for survey invitations. But it wasn’t unusual to get 5-10 emails from Survey Spot per day asking me to take surveys. I never attempted them all, and it was annoying because the ones I did attempt, it was pretty much 50-50 as to whether or not I would qualify. Also, Survey Spot was pretty bad for letting me get 5 minutes into a survey before kicking me out, saying I didn’t qualify. This got on my last nerve!

Now that the bad stuff is out of the way, I did like that I could log in at any given time and have a lot of different surveys to choose from. They were also pretty quick to send my payments when I got them. They are completely legit and might be worth fooling with every once in a while if you like taking paid surveys.

Go here to sign up.

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