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Taking paid surveys for Opinion OutpostOpinion Outpost is a survey panel that has been around for quite a number of years now and it’s gone through lots of changes in that time. I actually have personal experience with Opinion Outpost. Back when I did a lot of paid surveys, it was one of my favorite panels to use. Apparently the panel just keeps getting better and better because now they pay MUCH faster than before!

How do you take surveys for Opinion Outpost?

First, you need to create an account. It’s very easy to create one and not much information is asked for. Then, you simply wait for survey invitations to come your way. You will usually get a notification via email when there is a survey available that you may qualify for. I can tell you from personal experience though that you should check the site frequently as well. Not all survey invitations will make it to your inbox.

You can attempt any survey you are sent, but you are not guaranteed to be able to finish it and get paid. If you answer the first few questions and it is determined that you do not meet the demographic for that survey, you will screen out of it. This is annoying to have happen, but it’s not uncommon. Almost all survey panels work this way.

How much can you earn?

Opinion Outpost does pay you in points, but these can convert to cash easily. You can redeem at just $10 to Paypal or, if you’d prefer to receive Amazon gift cards for your time spent taking surveys, you can redeem at just $5. You can also redeem your points to charity if you’d prefer.

When do you get paid?

This is the best part! Unlike other companies, Opinion Outpost apparently pays you within minutes of redeeming. I’ve read countless reviews online where users claim that the money is in their Paypal almost immediately after requesting it. I love sites like this because I hate waiting on payments. :)

How many surveys do you get?

It will vary. No one is guaranteed a certain amount. Some people claim to get lots of survey invites per week while others just see a few per month.


The feedback on Opinion Outpost is good overall although you will always find a few that aren’t pleased with something. The majority of people love the fast pay and low cash out thresholds. Some people complain that they don’t receive enough survey invites while others complain about screening out of the surveys they are sent.

How do you sign up?

Go here to sign up at Opinion Outpost. Remember that in addition to the cash you can earn, you will also get entries into their monthly sweepstakes with every survey you take. You can use the special sign-up links below if you are male, Canadian, or from the UK.

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