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Swaggable is a new product testing site I just joined. It looks very promising so far! The company has gotten some good buzz from places like Mashable, Forbes, and also the Huffington Post. I personally have not gotten invited to try anything yet, but hopefully I will soon. It’s important to note that this site is still in beta mode, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some changes were made at any point.

How It Works

Signing up has to be done through your Facebook account. I can’t see any other way to register, so if you don’t have a Facebook, I guess you can’t join. :( Once you’re in, you answer some quick questions about your demographic. This is done so Swaggable will have a better idea of what kinds of products to offer.

After you’ve signed up and filled out the required info, you can browse through their listings of new products. If you see something you would like to test, just click the product and select the “Want” option. Each product will show how many people have already expressed their interest in it. I have no idea how many samples they send out, but I’m quite certain that not everyone will get to sample the products they’ve added to their “want” list.

Swaggable wants you to write an honest review of the products you do receive on their website. You don’t have to do this, but not doing so may hinder your chances of getting future invites. They also hint that being active on the Swaggable site (they have set up kind of like a social media network) will increase your chances of getting picked to try the things you’ve “wanted.”

Is Swaggable open outside the US?

People from outside the US can sign up, but unfortunately Swaggable is not currently shipping products to other countries.

My Experience

As mentioned above, I have not yet received and product test invites, but I’ve only been a member for a few days. I admit that I also have not made an effort to get active within the Swaggable community. I should probably do that so I can increase my chances of getting invited to try something! I did find signing up to be very easy and I love the interface of the site. Even though I am a Facebook user, I do wish that there was another way to sign up. Not everyone uses Facebook.

Would you be interested in testing products for Swaggable?

Sign up here, and please let me know how it goes if you get to try a product!

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  1. Amanda says

    I just joined today and received an invite as soon as I was done with the questions! Thanks for sharing about this site!

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