The Receipt Hog App Pays You to Shop!

I’ve been on a kick lately finding apps like Ibottamy all-time favorite app that pays you for grocery shopping. Another to add to that list is Receipt Hog. It works in much the same way, and it is getting good reviews. Currently Receipt Hog is only available only for the iPhone, but Android is coming soon.

How does Receipt Hog work?

It’s very simple. Take a picture of your grocery receipt with your smartphone and upload it to Receipt Hog. You will then receive “coins” that are redeemable for cash or charitable donations.

How are you paid?

Your cash will go to your Paypal account. I can’t confirm how much you need to cash out yet, but I will update as soon as I know.

Is it easy to sign up?

Yes. Just go find the app on your phone and then install it (free to do) and enter your email. You can then start uploading your grocery store receipts. Keep in mind your receipts can’t be more than 15 days old. If they are older than that, they are invalid.

Does it matter what grocery store you shopped at?

No, it doesn’t appear to matter. Unlike Ibotta, receipts from just about any store will count and give you coins.

Go here to learn more about Receipt Hog. If you have experience with it, please share in the comments below!

Want to maximize your cash back from grocery shopping?

These are two other recommendations. You can use these in addition to Receipt Hog to get a lot back!

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