Top SmartPhone Apps For Earning Money!

Top Smartphone Apps For Earning MoneyIf you have a smartphone, you can make some extra cash! Over the past few months, I have downloaded several of these apps to try out and so far I have been impressed with them all. Here are just a few of the apps you can use to earn money with:

  1. Field Agent – With this one, you have to have an iPhone. Download the app free and check it regularly for odd jobs in your area. You may be asked to take pictures of store displays, store hours, or even answer surveys at home about various products you use. Payment is through Paypal or Dwolla and will come in after your job has been completed and approved.
  2. Gig Walk – Gig Walk is a lot like Field Agent, but it is limited to certain geographic areas. As of the date of this blog post, Gig Walk is limited to San Francisco Bay area, Chicago, Los Angeles, South Florida, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Payment is through Paypal and jobs pay between $3 and $50. Available to iPhone users only.

The next few are good for earning gift cards:

  1. CheckPoints – I love Checkpoints! It’s my fave of all the ones I’m going to mention. You just use it when you shop. Scan different products and earn points, then redeem the points. So far I have redeemed and gotten $10 from Amazon. You can also refer your friends to earn more. Download the free app to your phone and use “khristal23” as your bonus code, and you’ll get bonus points to start with and so will I!
  2. ShopKick – This app is very, very similar to Checkpoints. Download it free and turn it on when you go shopping. Scan the products it tells you to scan and you’ll earn “kicks” that you can redeem for different things. Refer your friends to earn more. Download the app and use referral code “crocodile7488” and you’ll get bonus points and so will I when you start out! If you sign up without using a bonus code you will unfortunately not get those extra points.

Do you know of any more that I don’t have mentioned? I would love to hear about how you earn money or “extras” with your smartphone!


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