Answer TV Trivia For Cash and Prizes

RewardTV is a site I’ve been using for a long time to answer TV trivia for cash and prizes. I honestly really like this site and even though I’ve never participated enough to actually win anything, it’s still fun to use sometimes. Here’s a quick rundown of how RewardTV works:

Create Your Account

This is really easy, they don’t ask you for that much personal information. Just fill out a short form and you’re ready to go.

Pick Out Games to Play

Once your account is created, you’ll have access to the site where you can start playing games for cash and prizes. You can pick out shows you’ve watched on TV from the list and answer trivia questions about the shows. RewardTV gives you points for answering questions about the show and also you can win points while you play the game.

RewardTV also has offer-type surveys (just like many GPT sites) that you can take and earn more points.

Earning Points

Through your participation at RewardTV, you’ll earn points. You can use these points to enter sweepstakes, bid in special auctions they hold, or to redeem for gift certificates at selected merchants (very well-known merchants featured like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.). Keep in mind that the points you earn are only good for about a year. They will expire if you have not used them for anything in a year.

RewardTV is Established

This is not a “fly by night” operation. RewardTV is part of the Nielsen Company and they have been around since 2002, so they’ve got ten years under their belt so far! They are well-known and have thousands upon thousands of users. This gives me a lot of confidence in them.

The Site is Fun to Use

In my opinion, this site is more fun to use than a lot of other reward/GPT sites because it’s related to TV and who doesn’t like the challenge of answering trivia questions? I have played around here before without even thinking about the points I’m earning just because I like playing the games.

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