Under One Roof Survey Panel Through Scripps Networks


There is a survey panel you can sign up to join called Under One Roofthat I wanted to pass along some information on. The company behind this panel is Scripps, the same company that brings you Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, and many other stations you may like to watch. Sign up for this panel is not always open, but they happen to be taking new sign-ups as of the date of this blog post if you’re interested in joining.


What is Under One Roof all about?

Under One Roof is supposed to be an exclusive panel, meaning that not everyone who signs up will get in. But if you meet the criteria, you’ll occasionally get invited to participate in surveys and discussions relating to some topics featured on your favorite shows on those networks. The discussions and surveys could be enjoyable for you if you happen to like any of the shows that these stations have to offer, and your answers could greatly influence the programming you’ll be watching on those stations in the future.

What do you get in return?

Once again, we are looking at points here that you can redeem. I’ve come to accept that this must be the new normal with most survey panels now. I’m not sure what you can use the points for, but they say you can redeem them for various rewards. You will also be entered into a drawing for one of three $250 Amazon codes after qualifying for the panel and confirming your membership.

Other Perks

Another bonus to signing up for this panel is that you’ll probably find out about things the networks are planning to air before the general public. So you’ll be much more “in the know” than the average viewer :)

Want to sign up?

Use the banner below to sign up and see if you qualify:


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